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Duke in New York Fall: Arts & Media is a full, four course Duke semester that immerses you in the cultural, artistic, professional, and personal life of New York City. Through lectures, tours, and coordinating events, the team-taught core course builds a solid basis for a Fall semester that includes lively discussion of books, plays, iconic places, articles, and films.

We add a Duke-led guest speaker course that introduces you to exciting people making news through the arts and media in New York. We offer a Duke elective (in some years, two) that suit the students' interests, with the possibility of petitioning for an NYU course to meet special needs. An internship in an arts and media business or organization round out the Program.The internship counts for full Duke course credit; courses for the program have ALP, R, W, and/or STS curriculum codes. Run in conjunction with Duke Study Away (GEO-U).


Duke in New York Summer: Internships in the City is a two semester Summer program in which you intern for the full Summer and take a SSI seminar that introduces you to New York. Your internship, classes, and Duke-led tours will allow you to know New York on a professional and personal level, all the while living in a friendly and furnished Duke dorm situated in the heart of the city.

This program also provides subway passes, a great museum pass, and tickets to plays, concerts, jazz clubs, dance performances, class lunches, dinners, and more. Bear in mind that the Summer program is a scaled down and shorter version of the Fall program. Class horus during SSI are designed to work with your internship: a 9-1 class one weekday and a tour 11-2 on Saturdays. The internship counts for full Duke course credit; courses for the program have ALP, R, and W curriculum codes. Run in conjunction with Duke Study Away (GEO-U)


Both the Fall and Summer programs have strong relationships with many potential employers that are the kind of place you'd like to be: theatre from Broadway to off-Broadway; artists in hip Brooklyn; media from Focus Features to MTV; publishing from Vogue to boutique agencies; businesses from advertising through law to public relations.

You find your own internships. But we give you help, tips, and contacts along the way We stay in touch and guide you through a paper that enriches your understanding of the internship experience and satisfies Duke requirements for course credit.

Fall Courses

312A(S) The Arts in New York: Core Course Topic

The goal of this course is to familiarize you with New York City in terms of its history, its neighborhoods, its cultural icons, and its wealth of cultural and artistic production.

Given our goal, some of our classes and assignments as well as all our coordinating events will take place in the physical and creative spaces outside the classroom. In-class lectures include: Ellis Island -- Classic Immigration Narratives; the Languages of New York; Origins Revisited – Rethinking New York; Culture with a Capital C – MoMA, Music, and Lincoln Center; New York in the Movies; New York in Fiction. Classes also include preps and debriefs for the roughly 14 events we attend together. Student reports. Short Research Papers. A Semester Project that may be critical or creative but includes both research and a written component. ALP, R, W.

310A Making Media: a Guest Speaker Course

This course introduces you to professionals in fields such as writing, publishing, sound and music, advertising, theatre, the art world, television and film and gives you an understanding of what they do, how they got to do what they do, and the role of technology and social media in their work. Guest presentations; an intense student-led q and a period; plus weekly reading and discussion to put you in contact with the world our guests inhabit. Two papers useful in integrating college and careers; weekly exercises. ALP, STS.

Summer Courses

312A(S) The Arts in New York: Summer in the City

New York is never less than an exciting and vibrant cultural center, but it changes during the Summer. This course will aim to familiarize you with the city's neighborhoods and demographics quickly, on the ground and to build, through a series of three linked assignments, to a Summer Semester Project. The Project allows you to imagine yourself making a difference in the city´s daily life. Student reports. Some faculty lectures. Weekly tours (note: these take place on a Saturday). Classes also include preps and debriefs for the 5-8 events we attend together as a class. ALP, R, W.


313A Internship (Summer and Fall)

The goal of 313A is to provide an intellectual context to support the kind of experiential learning that takes place at your internship. The internship can be paid or unpaid. The course guides your work towards the substantial paper required by Duke in order to grant a course credit towards graduation. Written and in-class check-ins on work and progress; conferences with your professors; preparation of a reading list to complement your work experience; a final paper graded for Duke credit. We strongly recommend a maximum of 15-20 hours per weeks at the internship. In practice, Summer internships may require a larger time commitment.

Marianna Torgovnick Professor, Director

Marianna Torgovnick is a Professor of English and the Arts of the Moving Image with wide interests: literature; publishing; painting, sculpture, performance art; photography; dance; opera; and film.

She has published acclaimed books including Gone Primitive and Crossing Ocean Parkway. A graduate of both NYU and Columbia as well as a Guggenheim Fellow and Fulbright Lecturer, she knows New York well and loves to share her enthusiasm for the city.

e-mail Professor Torgovnick
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Other Faculty and Staff

Professor Torgovnick brings a second Duke faculty member with her to New York typically from Theatre, Visual and Media Studies, Music, Literature, Dance, and English.

Students will have a Program RA/TA in the dorms and available to help as students become familiar with the city.

Paul Paparella (ppaparella@duke.edu) and Jennifer Valentyn (jmd5@duke.edu) provide support from GEO-U. Write to Jennifer for basic questions.

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